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Content Management/PUBLISHING

Content management, or CM, is the set of processes and technologies that support the collection, managing, and publishing of information to your company’s online environment.
In fact, it is the successful execution of Content Management that guards a company’s online image. How do you balance global consistency whilst reaping the rewards of local exploitation? What efforts do you make to ensure all execution is in line with your strategy and your identity? Are promotions and changes implemented accurately and within 24 hours? How often do you run through all of your websites to check overall consistency and functionality? And how do you align the different people and parties involved? How regular do you monitor online offers – your own and those of the competition?
In today’s increasingly dynamic environment, the focus tends to be on web development rather than on excellent execution. Strict content control is the critical success factor for multinationals in maintaining their brand online.

Content Management according to IST@ease

Dynamic web management demands dedication

Whether the responsibility for content management is centralised or decentralised, the key words for successful dynamic website management are structure, discipline and daily routines. Not the most favoured notions in such a dynamic business. Nor the easiest to adhere to, especially in multinational and multilingual companies. Only too often a well-thought-through online strategy ends in internal struggles and external inconsistency. IST@ease smoothes your daily operations.

In search of consistency & control

Safeguarding the alignment of messages, the consistency of your visual identity and the accuracy of information are amongst the biggest challenges for multisite companies. Having correct and up to date content is not just crucial for commercial success, it is a necessity to avoid legal repercussions. And the requirements may well differ country by country. IST@ease takes responsibility for accurate and consistent image and information.

Global wants and local needs

Operating in an international environment with regional activities and multiple sites, it is equally difficult to steer on global consistency and to truly reap the rewards of local exploitation. The alignment of many parties involved in the optimization of an effective web structure delays your accurate market response and hampers commercial effectiveness. IST@ease is the fastest way to quick response times.