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Content Quality Control

With the ongoing expansion of internet usage and applications, the quality of your company’s online presence should be continually monitored. Seemingly small changes may have big effects on the quality of your websites.


You may have offices in Russia, China, Mexico, England, run by competent bilinguals– but who is checking whether the flow of your website is the same in all languages? IST@ease’s international team reviews your site’s multilingual flow.

Time Zones

Is the presentation of your company 24 hours a day exactly what it should be - also outside of your office hours? IST@ease is watching when ‘nobody is watching’.

Multiple small edits

Is the flow of the website still the same despite a multitude of small changes? IST@ease not only handles your requests for multiple changes, we also check whether your requests all taken together do not harm the functionality and outlook of your online presence.

(New) Technologies

A new browser is easily introduced. Facebook decides to get rid of the Facebook html codes. How does your online presence hold in the face of technological changes? Does your website still show properly in all types of browsers? IST@ease watches for bugs and errors.

IST@ease not only manages the implementation of changes to your website, but can also continuously monitor the operational quality of your online activities.