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Email Marketing / Newsletters

You have a full understanding of your target audience. You have developed the right proposition to position your company - now it is up to perfect execution.
IST@ease can support you to effectively reach your target audience online. We facilitate your email marketing- from "split-run testing" to target audience specific mailings and reporting. Not only can we explain which approach will work and which will not, but we can give you the response ratio and conversion per (sub) mailing.
With the full spectrum of online services, we can support you from concept and design to the handling of email campaigns and newsletters.

Newsletter Template Editing

IST@ease can work with newsletter templates and edit them according to the content of your choice. Switching and swopping modules, altering or deleting components, adding the correct size Photoshopped images- IST@ease handles the editing of your newsletter before it is sent out.

E-mail Marketing Database Management

Most content management systems are directly linked to databases to store or to deliver information on target. IST@ease is an experienced provider of these services. We ensure the integrity of the data generated through the website, but we can also improve on the quality of your current data. We run through your data and debug. Linking databases, sanitizing duplications and executing hygiene checks on the data are some of the tasks we provide. All to ensure that your data files can be effectively deployed for targeted mailings and campaigns.