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Content Management Consultancy

IST@ease Content Management Consultancy

Choosing the content management process best suited to your company’s situation and needs requires a rare package of insights into the content platforms available, full understanding of your company’s status quo and expectations plus extensive hands-on experience in both setting up as well as successfully running major content management operations.  IST@ease is one out of few to meet these requirements. For IST@ease, content management and content management consultancy is its core business. Content management is what we do, what we have been doing for major clients for a substantial amount of years, and what we intend to keep on doing for many years ahead. IST@ease offers you experience and expertise.

For some of its clients, IST@ease acts as sole consultant on how to improve the content management process. Other clients have already set up their flows, and IST@ease is mainly taking care of the operational side. For a third type of client, IST@ease is involved in building the content management process from scratch – from analyzing the system that fits the company and its goals best, to database migration and finally carrying out the content management on a daily basis.

The issues IST@ease deals with as a content management consultant can roughly be divided in four areas; hours, back office, migration and adaptation.


How much hours go into running a multinational site on a daily basis? In IST@ease’s experience, the amount of work implied in running a successful content management process is often underestimated by management, leading to a poor set-up and poor results.

Back Office

How to organize a back office that efficiently separates the delivery of content from its editing? Content Management is easily swamped by inefficiencies.  Often, work is doubled, where a back office does more than it needs to do and fails to keep the overview, leading to frustrating work flows and suboptimal results.  IST@ease knows how organize a back office that provides the content editors with no more and no less than what they need, securing an efficient and successful operation.


How to migrate from one content management system to another? More often than not, fully automated migration amounts to fully automated problems. IST@ease knows where to automate and where to stay hands-on so as to make your content migration a steady ride.


Which content management system fits your database and needs the best? Often, a seemingly successful template is superimposed on a company’s content structure, leading to mismatches and untenable processes. IST@ease has experience with a multitude of content management systems and advices you which system is most apt to your status quo and demands.