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Feedback and Reporting

Management Information Reporting

What is MI Reporting?

Management Information Reporting contains all the steps involved in gathering, analyzing and interpreting the data stemming from online activity of visitors to a certain website. This activity entails for instance the number of visits to a specific page, the order in which most visitors roam a site, the amount of time a visitor spends on a specific page, but also comprehends of more detailed information about the relation between a specific registered customer and general customer behavior. To give a basic example, MI Reports may be able to tell you that product X is mostly clicked on by young men in the age group of 20 to 25 years.
MI Reporting can use general data provided by for instance Google Analytics, but may also assist you actively in gathering required information through putting out and interpreting an online survey for your visitors.
In short, MI Reporting converts raw data about your site’s traffic into useful and hands-on information, which assists management in making business decisions.

What is the importance of MI reporting for customers?

MI Reporting can provide a huge benefit to your company. However, experience taught us that not everybody is familiar with the scope of benefits MI reporting can bring forward. Below, we have categorized MI Reporting’s main benefits.

1) See the wood for trees

Firstly, the data is out there, but in huge quantities. MI Reporting helps you to extract only that information that is relevant to your company. MI Reports deliver timely, accurate, relevant, consistent and accessible management information.

2) Cut to the chase

Secondly, using the reports provided to you by MI, you can significantly improve your website. For instance, why would you keep a button that nobody clicks on? Or, why would a customer have to go through 4 different steps to get to a page that has proven to be very popular? MI Reports give you practical feedback on how to make your website tuned to your visitors.

3) Call the tune

Thirdly, MI Reports are very valuable when it comes to making strategic decisions. MI Reports give you a valid clue about your customers. Who are your customers? What are the most viewed products? In short, what works, and what doesn’t work? Listening to the data provided to you by your customers, you can tailor your site to your best buyers and significantly improve your sales. MI Reports provide important insights backing strategic decisions.
IST@ease is here to help you achieve the big benefits that MI can provide your business