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Tripolis Solutions is one of the first European email service providers (ESP) which develops technical solutions in the area of email marketing software and delivery. Tripolis enables customers to create, maintain and expand their contacts. Tripolis’ services comprise of Tripolis Dialogue, the email marketing Software and Tripolis Delivery, the high-end delivery services.

Tripolis Dialogue is a multi-channel communication solution which is delivered as a ‘Software as a Service’ (Saas). Users require nothing more than a browser to create email newsletters, send SMS messages and conduct complete multi-channel campaigns. With Tripolis Dialogue you even have access to a drag and drop campaign manager which enables you in an easy manner to implement and conclude complex multi-step and multi-channel campaigns.


Triodor Holding is an international technology company delivering high-end web services and solutions. Triodor Holding contains a software research and development unit in Istanbul, Turkey, which acts as delivery center to Triodor the Netherlands. Moreover, Triodor participates in the development of and holds shares in several product companies.