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Expanding from a “showroom website” to creating an e-commercie site to actually sell your products online, may be a profitable move. You reach out to potential new customers, and you save costs associated with selling in an actual physical store.IST@ease has both the know-how and the practical hands-ons inhouse experience to guide you through setting up and running a succesful e-commerce site. IST@ease may step in at any point in the race – or help you build your e-commerce site from a to z, against attractive rates

1. Setting the parameters

Before anything, the parameters of the shop need to be set. Questions like; what do you want your site to do – focus on selling or being an interactive lifestyle platform? What features will your site contain? How many products will your site contain and how are they categorized? Will your visitors browse or can they search very specifically? What are your limitations- in terms of budget, technicalities, post-sale operations? Ist@Ease can provide you with a list of options and examples to help you setting your parameters and getting a clear picture of what kind of site you will be building.

2. Building your e-commerce environment

The second step is the actual building of the e-commerce site. How to translate your brand and your shop into an online e-commerce environment? What kind of shopping cart software program will you use? Did you obtain an internet merchant account from your bank? How do you secure the online transactions? How does the check-out proceed? Where will you host your site?

ISt@Ease is there to help you finding the correct answer for your e-commerce site.

3. Running a tight shop?

Now that your shop is up and running, it is time to consider the daily routines and feedback you may need. Who will feed the content to your site? What kind of online campaigns could you run to get consumer attention? How to use statistics on the usage of your site to your advantage?

IST@ease has all the know-how and operations ready – from content management to email marketing to Management Information reporting.